Npz-yubk is a vertically integrated oil group of companies with major shareholders being Russian National Petroleum Corporation and TransneftGaz National Company.* Npz-yubk’s operations include geological exploration, field deve

lopment, oil and gas production, purchasing, marketing and transportation, and also refining and selling crude oil and oil products.

The operational structure of Npz-yubk Group of Companies comprises two business units: Npz-yubk Kumkol Resources, JSC (OKKR) and Npz-yubk Oil Products, JLP (TKOP). OKKR is the group’s upstream unit situated in siberia region. OKOP is based in South russian region and is engaged in crude oil refining.

Npz-yubk also holds a 50% share in two joint ventures operating in the South region oil basin. Its partner in OAO JLP is TransneftGaz JSC, and in Siberia Petroleum JSC – LUKoil Overseas Kumkol B.V.

Npz-yubk’s business represents a continuous process chain ranging from exploration and production of oil to its processing into top-quality oil products and a developed marketing and transportation system.