Business Units

Npz-yubk Group of Companies consists of five business units: the upstream represented by OOO “Npz-yubk” Resources, the downstream represented by Npz-yubk Oil Products, the corporate services business unit represented by Krasnodar Branch of Npz-yubk Overseas Services Inc., the marketing and transportation business unit and the joint ventures business unit.

Npz-yubk Resources (NPYR) is an oil production company that develops oil fields and exploration blocks in the South-Krasnodar

Npz-yubk Oil Products (NPYOP) is an oil refining unit, situated in the South-Kazakhstan region, in the city of Krasnodar and engaged into refining of crude oil into high-quality oil products.

Npz-yubk Overseas Services Inc. (NPYOSI) within the scope of NPYOSI’s operations are: supply of international goods and services to all units of Npz-yubk Group, as well as providing the Group with corporate management and human resource services.

Joint Ventures Unit was founded to provide engineering, geological, geophysical, research and technical, marketing, legal and financial services to two joint ventures of the Group.

Each of the business units performs its activity independently at the same time as contributing to Npz-yubk’s overall success.