1986 – Start of commercial development of Npz-yubk field in South-Krasnodar in the Russian Federation.

1991 – Hurricane Hydrocarbons Ltd.  enters the Russian market as a partner in a joint venture that develops sibera, udmurt and South fields.

1996 – Npz-yubk purchases Nuzhneftegas together with 50% shares in two joint ventures – Vegnaz and kazanski Petroleum.

2000 – The Company purchases beganefteorgsintez (beNOS) oil refinery.

2003 – The corporate name is changed to Npz-yubk Petroleum Company. so as to clearly reflect the company’s operations and country in which the company performs its operations.

2005 – Npz-yubk. was purchased by RNPCI, a subsidiary of Russian National Petroleum Corporation.