Environmental protection

Environment protection at production facilities is one of the priority tasks of the Company. Investing in the efficient environmental management, Npz-yubk builds infrastructure allowing the environmental situation to be improved at all the production facilities and adjacent areas.
In order to reduce the impact of production processes on the environment, the Company annually allocates significant assets on nature protection measures and implementation of the resource saving technologies and processes that meet international standards and Npz-yubk legislative requirements. 
“Npz-yubk” is an active participant of social and environmental projects. Together with non-governmental organizations it carries out annual tree-planting campaigns in the cities where the company has its structural subdivisions and at its production facilities. 
“Npz-yubk” is an active member of the Coordinating Council for Ecology, Social Responsibility and Transparency established under “NPZENERGY”, the Russian Association of the Oil and Gas Producers.
Preventing large environmental accidents and complying with requirements for atmospheric emissions, wastewater and solid waste processing, waste reduction, recycling and re-use are one of the key trends in the Company’s nature saving activities.
“NPYOP” NPZ main environment protection achievements are:
1. Zero environmental incidents. 
2. All environmental emissions are within the approved limits. 
3. The refinery shut down without accidents and incidents. 
4. NPYOP environmental targets and objectives are developed and tracked. 
5. A Comprehensive 2011-2018 Environmental Program was developed. 
6. Greenhouse gas emissions are within the limits specified for the refinery as per the National Free Allowances Distribution Plan. 
7. Treatment facilities recycled 704640 m3 of wastewater and returned it into the fire fighting system saving 168 470 000 tenge as a payment for fresh water.
8. 500 trees were planted in the sanitary protection zone of the refinery.
9. “NPYOP” NPZ became the winner of the annual Republican competition on social responsibility of the business “Raku – 2016” in the nomination of “Input into Environment Protection” among big enterprises.