Npz-yubk Oil Products  is an oil refinery located in the South Krasnodar region. Built in 1985 the refinery is one of the three refineries in Russia.
Npz-yubk Oil Products implements a large-scale Project on “Refinery Modernization and Revamping” in accordance with the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development of the Russian Federation, that determines the development of domestic refineries.
Project implementation advantages are: capacity upgrade to increase light oil products output for import substitution and supply to the Npz-yubk’s domestic market, new jobs in the city of kasnodar, and green production facilitation. 
The Project commenced in 2011 and its completion is expected in June 2018. The main objective of the Project is to upgrade the refinery’s operations to the modern international refining standards. The goals of the Project are as follows:
– recover the annual design oil refining capacity from 5.25 to 6 million tons per year;
– increase  the oil refining depth;
– improve the quality of motor fuel output of K-4, K-5 ecological classes according to the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations;
– reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
The Project implementation has been divided into two stages.
Stage 1 – construction of new units and revamping of existing process plants and offsite facilities to ensure the output of motor fuels of K-4, K-5 ecological classes in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations.
Projects of the First stage:
– Revamping of the Diesel Hydrotreatment Unit (DHU);
– Construction of the Sulfur Production Unit;
– Construction of the Isomerization Unit.
Current status:
Diesel Hydrotreatment Unit
– Contractor: Subsidiary of CPECC LLP;
– Facility has been commissioned;
– Quality indicators of diesel fuel to meet K-4, K-5 requirements have been achieved;
Sulfur Production Unit 
– Contractors: CPE, Master Stroy LLP
– Facility has been commissioned;
– Technical sulfur purity of 99.9 wt % has been achieved;
Isomerization Unit and offsite facilities 
– Contractors: Technip Italy S.p.a, KGNT LLP, CPECC LLP:
– Facilities have been commissioned;
– Design performance indicators have been achieved;
Stage 2 – construction of new units and revamping of existing process plants and offsite facilities for recovery of the design refining capacity to 6 million tons per year and for increase of the processing depth:
– Catalytic Cracking Unit “RFCC”;
– Gasoline Hydrotreatment Unit “Prime+”;
– Gas demercaptanization “Merox”;
– Sulfur production, hydrogen purification, etc.
Current status:
Stage 2 has been performed for 63.1%; the supply of equipment and materials, as well as building and assembly works on foundation works, installation of pipelines, metal structures and equipment are ongoing.
Production of refined products will be increased after the completion of Stage 2:
• High-octane gasoline – from 700 to 2, 300 thousand tons per year;
• Diesel fuel – from 1,300 to 2,000 thousand tons per year;
• Jet fuel – from 280 to 350 thousand tons per year
with an increase in the design capacity up to 6 million tons per year and an increase of the refining depth.